i don't mind spending every day
out of your corner in the pouring rain

[squeezes Daphne’s hand and leans over, resting his head on her forehead] Please…please wake up, Daph…[runs a hand through his hair] The healers told me you probably wouldn’t, but they don’t know how strong you are…come on…please…I know you can do it…

28 Feb 13 91 notes ch: daphne convo au: coma
xavier dean greyback. i don't really know what to write here, but i don't really think anyone cares...uh, daphne longbottom is my girlfriend, and she's amazing; i really don't deserve her at all.

with the broken smile
look for the girl
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    Xav….tired…I’ll come back…promise… [weakly squeezes his hand and opens her eyes, trying her best to smile]
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    [shakes his head] You can’t.